Solder paste

SENJUs Sparkle Paste OZ series removes the im from impossible. Formulated using a range of alloys, spherical, oxide zero solder powder with closely controlled particle distribution and highly stable flux technology Sparkle solder pastes exhibit outstanding printing characteristics. Sparkle fluxes can be used in Tin lead as well as lead free formulae. Controlled rheology enables crisp, fine pitch deposits to be printed without slumping, either with squeegees or pressurised print heads. SENJU Sparkle Paste OZ series products are suitable for surface mount assembly and many other reflow soldering applications including component assembly, sealing, bumping, die bonding and induction soldering.



145HF series 

GLV series 

JPP series

LS720V series 

NRB series  

NSW320 series

NXC series 

NXD series  

RGS 800 series

ULT 369 series 

WSG 70 series  


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