Senju solder

Senju soldering products

SENJU leads the field in the development and testing of lead free soldering solutions. Having jointly patented its first lead free alloy in 1992, the Company has accumulated great wealth of data on the performance of a wide range of lead free alloys and has acquired the expertise to make the lead free process work efficiently. SENJU offers the complete range of lead free solutions for reflow soldering, wave soldering and manual attachment and rework, in the forms of lead free solder paste, lead free alloys, lead free flux cored solder wire and solder spheres.

Senju soldering materials

Lead-free solder

Solder alloys

Flux cored solder

Solder paste

Solder preform

Solder balls

Lead-containing solder

Lead-containing flux cored solder

Lead-containing solder paste

Pureloy wire


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