Who are we?

Salescon Ltd is operating for 20 years as a family-owned small company. The main profile of the company is supplying various materials and tools for the electronic industry. Salescon Ltd is currently the supplier of the most important electronics manufacturer companies in Hungary, but providing services for SMEs and start-up businesses is also important for the enterprise. Salescon Ltd is proud of its wide and reliable relationship network and many years of professional experience not only in Hungary, but on an international scale as well.

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A Salescon Kft-nél széles, folyamatosan bővülő termékpalettával igyekszünk minél átfogóbban kiszolgálni partnereinket. Elektronikai ipari beszállítóként fő profilunk a forrasztóanyagok és tisztítóanyagok forgalmazása, de kínálatunkban találhatók mérőműszerek, gyártási segédanyagok és eszközök, tárolóeszközök, ESD termékek, és különféle gépek és gépalkatrészek is. Termékeinkhez szakértő műszaki támogatást is biztosítunk.



Alkatrész hevederezés

As a service we provide component taping of standard size parts and the re-taping of parts from machine placement errors, both in small and large series. Based on samples and drawings, we provide the design and production of carrier tapes for special parts, as well as the taping of these parts.More info »

NYÁK-lap javítás

Salescon Ltd. also deals with the repair of PCBs. We have an equipped SMD workroom and trained specialists. Our company undertakes the correction of various defects, such as the repair of the foil pattern, replacement of TH and SMD components. We also deal with the insertion and replacement of BGA components.More info »

Gépek, eszközök bérbeadása

We also deal with the rental of machines used in the electronics production and PCB storage magazines. Based on individual needs, we provide to our partners personalized solutions with favorable conditions.

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We provide DCT machines (AIRJET, INJET, SONIX) for rent tailored to individual needs and with special conditions; cleaning of PCB boards, oven filters, soldering and varnishing frames; and maintenance services (liquid replacement, filter replacement).

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Fejlesztési minták beültetése, egyedi termékek minta gyártása

We repair and refurbish machines, also sell various type of new and used machines for electronics production. When testing refurbished and demo machines, we also undertake the insertion of unique samples, development pieces or small quantities. In case of such a request, we are waiting for your inquiry.More info »

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Address: Address: 79B Gergely Street, 1103 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36-1-260-8500

Email: info@salescon.hu / order@salescon.hu