Inspection system for measuring paste area and volume easily.

      • Basic functions and low cost performance.
      • Measure the height of solder paste using slit laser. * A Colored CCD camera makes it possible for clear image inspection.
      • Coordinates-Display-Function allows you to move PCB to the inspection position that you desire easily.
      • Save data in USB memory.
      • SPC data analysis of the automated measurement data. (optional)


Product specifications:

Model NameTD-4M
PC Board clamp tableCircuit board gripping allowance 3mm, both-side clamping is possible
Outer Dimension420(W) x 635(D) x 350(H) mm
SystemHigh-speed image processing computer system built in
Power SupplyAC100 - 240V, 50-60Hz, 140W (Service AC outlet not included)
InterfaceUSB for printer
USB for flash memory
Keyboard Input
Mouse Input
Monitor Output
InspectionObjectThickness of printed solder paste
PCB Warpage Range±1.5mm
Measurement Range2mm(W), 3mm(D), 50 - 350μm(H)
dgment functionAutomatic OK/NG judgment
Standard Position SettingTaking in PCB display image (One point)
Speed1 second or less / visual field (Standard)
DataInput method : Teaching, number of data : 150 fields
OutputOutput to printer and in text files
PCB DimensionOutside: 50 x 50mm min., 250 x 330mm max. Thickness: 0.5 - 2.0 mm
Measurable range240×320mm
Optical SectionLight Source660nm semi-conductor laser
Camera1/4-inch color CCD
Camera Field4mm×3mm
Measuring PrincipleOptical cutting triangular surveying by laser slit light, irradiation angle 45deg.
Cut slit20μm x 10mm
Safety ClassificationClassification acc. to laser danger level: Class 2

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