Reproduce the temperature profile of Reflow oven. Can observe the melting state of solder paste. Easily achieved by the temperature profile of lead-free solder mounting.

    • The top surface of the heater has matrix control, the optimal temperature distribution in the heating test can also be unbalanced heat capacity with respect to the substrate.
    • For each stage as well as temperature, time can be arbitrarily set, you can freely extend the time of peak reflow  temperature maintenance.
    • Through the observation windows  three sides, top, front and back of the device, can be observed in the furnace during operation visually.


Product specifications:

Model NameSRS-1CS
Applicable Circuit BoardUp to 70W x 70L x 10H mm
Outer DimensionMain Unit : 320W x 285D x 310Hmm
Controller unit : 290W x 235D x 270Hmm
Heating MethodUpper-face : Hot air
Lower-face : Extreme infrared radiation
Cooling MethodFlowing air or N2 air (with flow adjustable valve)
ower Supply200V 50/60Hz 3kVA 3Phase
Air0.3 - 0.5MPa 100 liter/min (Maximum)
O2 Concentration in Furnace100ppm minimum (Heating furnace is sealed up)
(when using N2)
PCB InstallationFlat plate system
Upper-Heaterhot air heater : Approx. 2.8kW (Approx. 350W x 8 series)
* Deviation to standard nozzle can be set.
Lower-HeaterExtreme infrared radiation heater : Approx. 360W
Temp. Accuracy5C maximum (Maximum range : 50(W) x 50(L)mm in the center)
Measuring Temp. RangeRoom temp. - 330C
Measuring Points3points
N2 Gas Supply Function25 liter/min. with flow regulating valve during operation.
ControlExclusive softwarefor Windows XP
WeightMain unit : Approx. 12kg Controller unit : Approx. 8kg

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