RCX-S Reflow checker memory unit (6 channels)

    • Temperature measured in units of the underlying system.
    • New features such as Bluetooth, OK/NG judgment function, Thermocouple response and AAA batteries.


Product specifications:

Model NameRCX-S
Main UnitRCM-S
Measuring Temp. Range0~500℃ *1
Max Measuring TimeApprox. 10 hours * 1 * 2
Sampling Time (sec.) /Max. Storage Time0.05sec./4h50min, 0.1sec./10h40min, 0.2sec./21h20min, 0.5sec./48h20min, 1.0sec/96h40min, 2.0sec.
/193h20min, 4.0sec/386h40min, 8.0sec./773h20min Arbitrary setup possible
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Measuning Points1-6 Points
Heat Resistant ConnectorMiniature Connector
InputThermocouple JIS-K 1kΩ max.
0.1 10m
Power SupplyAAA battery
Manganese batteries Alkaline battery Nickel-metal hydride
Outer dimensionsMemory unit (w/o Heat resistant case) 55 (W) x 170 (D) x 18 (H) mm 200g
Heat resistant case: 65 (W) x 245 (D) x 25 (H) mm 370g
Data Transmission MethodUSB, Bluetooth
WeightApprox. 570g (Heat resistant case and battery are included)

* 1 It differes from the heat resistant time of memory unit.

* 2 It is the experimental value by AAA battery. The max. measuring time depens on battery capacity.

* The above specifications are subject to change without notice.

Cooling unit:

Model nameRCF-3
Power supply100V~240V AC, (approx. 15W) 50/60Hz
FanSquare 120 mm (2.9 m3 /min. Max.) 2 pcs.
Input gasRc 1/8 screw connection Air 0.5Mpa following
Outer dimensions350(W)×240(D)×160(H) (㎜)
WeightApprox. 5kg

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