A mixture of nitrogen and air in the furnace of stationary type reflow equipment and simulators, to generate the oxygen concentration of any gas.
You can control the oxygen concentration in combination with a small oxygen concentration meter.


Product specifications:

Model NameNAM-100
Applicable gasNitrogen (main) and air (sub)
INNitrogen8/6-dia. one-touch coupling (flexible tube), 0.4 - 0.9 MPa
Air6/4-dia. one-touch coupling (flexible tube), 0.4 - 0.9 Mpa
Out8/6-dia. one-touch coupling (flexible tube), 0.2Mpa setting
(when Air is discharged)
Setting RangeNitrogenMax. 100 liter/minutes(when Nitrogen is 0.2Mpa)
AirMax. 5 liter/minutes + 150 ml/minutes (0.2Mpa)
Outer Dimension236(W)×240(H)×155(D)(mm)

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