Auer products

AUER Packaging ESD Euro storage containers are made of electrically conductive plastic material, therefore they are excellent for safe storage and transport of electronic products.

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●        Massive

●        Available in all Euro format

●        Stackable

●        Conductivity: 10⁴ < 10¹⁰ Ohm/cm

●        Color: black (similar to RAL 9017)

●        Minimal order quantity: 1

Article numberExternal size / cmInternal volume / literWeight / kgQuantity/pallet

Conductive lid covers for Euro storage container

Article numberExternal size / cmWeight / kgQuantity/pallet
ESD DE 21520x150.118640
ESD DE 3230x200.24140
ESD DE4340x300.34800
ESD DE 6460x400.73600
ESD DE 8680x602.2950

Accessories for Euro storage container

  • Cross divider insert
  • Divider insert
  • Container insert


System boxes & Cases

  • Tool boxes
  • Protective cases
  • Assortment boxes


Space saving containers

  • Foldable boxes
  • Foldable KLT boxes
  • Reusable containers
  • Collapsible pallet containers


Storage boxes with open front

  • Storage boxes with open front Euro format
  • Rack boxes and material flow boxes
  • Storage boxes with open front SK
  • Tipping boxes
  • Drawer containers



  • Pails round
  • Pails oblong
  • Pails oval
  • Screw-top jars


Plastic pallets

  • Lightweight pallets
  • Medium pallets
  • Cleanroom pallets
  • Cleanroom pallets made from reclaimed material
  • Hygiene pallets


Pallet containers

  • Big boxes
  • Collapsible big boxes
  • Foldable large load carriers
  • Foldable IBC / Bag in box system
  • Place-on lids for big boxes
  • Lid for large load carriers


IBC containers

  • IBC containers Classic
  • Foldable IBC / Bag in box system


Transportation aids

  • Transport trolleys
  • Stacking trolleys
  • Hand trolleys


System trolleys

  • System trolleys for Euro containers
  • System trolleys for rack boxes
  • System trolleys for tipping boxes


Closable containers

  • Lockable Euro containers
  • Lockable Euro container cases
  • Lockable big boxes



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