Rotational viscometer of co-axial double cylinder type by spiral pump method.

      • Compact and handy.
      • Continuous measurement of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids with constant shear rate and shear time.
      • Digital display of Pa・S
      • Models available for 3 ranges of viscosity measurement.
      • User performable calibration.
      • Temperature sensor allows for temperature measurement of sample.
      • Satisfies the following international standards: JIS Z8803 ISO 3219 3672/1 7387/1 DIN 53109 ASTM D2196-89 D2556-69
      • Applications include: various paints, inks, pastes, polymer resins, rubber, plastic, foods, adhesives, etc.


Product specifications:

Model NamePM-2APM-2BPM-2C
Measurement Range5.0~500Pa・s0.20~19.99Pa・s20~1999mPa・s
Speed Range10RPM±5% ※140RPM±5% ※140RPM±5% ※1
Shear Rate0.6×N s-1 (10RPM:6s-1)1.2×N s-1 (40RPM:48s-1)4.8×N s-1 (40RPM:192s-1)
Measurement Accuracy±10%of indicated value
Power SupplyNi-Cd Rechargable Battery & 100V-240V AC Adaptor
Temperature SensorPt Sensor, Measurement range: 0 - 50C, Accuracy: +/-0.5C

*1 Other than arbitrary fixed speeds (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60).

● Material of Case: polyarylate (common to each type)
(Note) Since each machine is a dedicated machine, the rotor of a different type can not be used.

* The above specifications are subject to change without notice.


Special ultrasonic cleanerVS-25
Calibration FluidSilicon Oil KF96H 100cc(Type A, Type B)
300cc(Type A, Type B, Type C)
Spare RotorsOuter Cylinder : ROM-2 (A, B, C)
Inner Cylinder : RIM-2 (A, B, C)
Measurement Standfor fixed measurement

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